The faculty and staff at Frassati Catholic High School are expected to be highly skilled individuals who work in close collaboration with the administration so that they may effectively fulfill the various roles that must be assumed during the course of the day. Frassati Catholic seeks to offer a high quality program that is integrated with religious truths and values. Each employee is expected to support the basic beliefs, values and traditions of the Catholic Church. They are expected to model Gospel values in personal demeanor and dealings with other colleagues. Respect for the dignity of each person is of utmost importance. Likewise, students are expected to model Christ-like behavior in their actions with the employees and with one another.

Frassati Catholic High School seeks qualified, committed, and talented individuals for a variety of positions that will allow them to fulfill their unique potential within the context of Catholic education.

Frassati Catholic High School has established a variety of employee benefit programs that are designed to help employees and their families meet the financial burdens that can arise from illness, disability and death as well as to help to plan for retirement.

Employee benefits are offered through Christian Brothers Services (CBS).  CBS works with Catholic organizations and dioceses administering comprehensive employee benefits programs. 

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